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2018 Small Grants Projects

The Western Native Trout Initiative (WNTI) has awarded $23,205 out of its small grant program for 9 projects, which will be matched by $514,364 in other public and private funding for a total projects’ value of $537,569 in conservation efforts benefiting western native trout. WNTI gratefully thanks our partners at Rocky Mountain Flyathlon, RepYourWater, Basin+Bend, and all our individual donors for supporting our 2018 Small Grants Program.

California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon & Washington             

Bring Back the Natives – Redband Trout Poster Campaign

Grant Applicant: Idaho Trout Unlimited

Grant summary: This project is a coordinated education and outreach effort focusing on raising awareness for the native Interior Redband Trout in California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon and Washington states.  Click here to see the poster!


Get to Know Your Native – Greenback Cutthroat Trout Poster & Printing 

Grant Applicant: Colorado Trout Unlimited

Grant summary: Project funds support design and printing of a poster and high-profile restoration project brochure focusing on raising awareness of the native Greenback Cutthroat Trout in Colorado.


Confluence Barrier-Disturbed Area and Riparian Rehabilitation 

Grant Applicant:  Five Rivers Trout Unlimited

Grant summary: Project objectives are to recover ground disturbed during the construction of the “Confluence” barrier on mainstem Hermosa Creek, the final barrier supporting 23+ miles of contiguous Colorado River Cutthroat Trout habitat.  Site recovery will include planting of willows and native grasses.


Brewery outreach/Know Your Native Campaign  

Grant Applicant: Colorado Trout Unlimited

Grant summary: The project seeks to strengthen new and existing partnerships, facilitate community dialogue and understanding of native trout recovery, and create and disseminate communications materials about native trout recovery and watershed health along Colorado’s northern Front Range.


Match the Hatch

Grant Applicant: North Fork  John Day Watershed Council

Grant summary: The applicant will work with partners to deliver an outreach and education program using classroom sessions, field site visits, fly tying and casting classes to teach the cultural, ecological, and economic importance of five native fish species to area youth.


Rapid Riparian Re-vegetation Beaver Dam Analogues 

Grant Applicant: South Fork John Day Watershed Council

Grant summary: Grant funds will support purchase and installation of four temperature loggers to assess the effectiveness of Rapid Riparian Revegetation and installation of beaver dam analogues in restoring stream conditions to a 4 mile project site.


Sheep Creek Lake Fish Trap Construction  

Grant Applicant: Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

Grant summary: Grant funds support signage and public education for a fish trap critical to maintaining a wild brood stock of Colorado River Cutthroat trout essential for conservation and propagation in Utah.


A Test for Trout

Grant Applicant:  Okanogan Land Trust

Grant summary: Using eDNA (environmental DNA) sampling techniques, the applicant will determine presence or absence of Westslope Cutthroat Trout, Interior Redband Trout, and Bull Trout on four creeks in Washington, and work with interested landowners to conserve fish habitat.


Popo Agie Gold   

Grant Applicant:  ATLAS at Lander Arts and Sciences

Grant summary: The project raises awareness of water use through 4-12th grades and adult watershed education and exploration, and service learning opportunities stocking fish, planting willows and stabilizing riverbanks.