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2013 Small Grants Projects

Cook Inletkeeper, Pilot project to establish long-term stream temperature sites Kenai Peninsula

Grant Summary: The goals of this project are to make stream temperature data more accessible to fisheries managers and Alaskans, more cost-effective, and of high enough quality to be used for future climate change analysis.

Results: With support from the Kenai Peninsula Chapter of Trout Unlimited (KPTU) and WNTI, we have accomplished the following:

  • Installed a real-time, year-round stream temperature site on the Anchor River on September 7, 2013.
  • Performed maintenance checks and firmware upgrades.
  • Secured a second year of online data accessibility with an Iridium satellite contract via BeadedStream.
  • Presented Anchor River real-time data at a KPTU membership meeting in November 2013. Chapter members expressed interest in continuing to work together to establish more sites.
  • Worked with BeadedStream staff to create a website portal for the Anchor River data:
  • Worked with BeadedStream staff to develop widgets to allow us to stream real-time data on the Cook Inletkeeper website. You can see a time series graph, summary of current data and a link to export the data here
  • Contacted local area fisheries managers, fishing guides, and enthusiasts to share the online access to real-time data.
  • Shared the online link via our facebook page and in our 2014 summer quarterly newsletter which goes out to more than 500 households in Southcentral Alaska.

Southcentral Alaska Chapter Trout Unlimited, Chester Creek, AK, streambank stabilization and restoration

Grant Summary: The project will restore native char habitat by stabilizing and re-vegetating the stream banks within the project area.  This will reduce sedimentation by decreasing erosion, thereby improving water quality.  The project will also improve instream habitat by adding natural features to the stream, which will reduce stream velocity and create habitat.  The project is being conducted by the Southcentral Alaska Trout Unlimited Chapter, Anchorage Waterways Council, and Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game.  Click here to read the final report.

Rattlesnake Creek Watershed Group, Rattlesnake Creek, MT, streambank and riparian restoration

Grant Summary:  The project will stabilize an eroding streambank, organize volunteers to collect and plant riparian shrubs, plant four large trees, and support monitoring and maintenance efforts. By stabilizing the eroding streambank and planting native riparian trees and shrubs, it is anticipated that this project will significantly reduce point source sedimentation and improve water quality along a stream that serves as highly important aquatic habitat for bull trout and westslope cutthroat trout. Click here to read the final report.

Rio Grande Cutthroat trout angler survey and educational materials

Grant Summary:  The goal of this project is to raise awareness among anglers who either visit or live in the Rio Grande Basin about the recreational and biological value of native Rio Grande cutthroat trout. The survey was conducted during the 2014 angling season in the Rio Grande river valley in Colorado.  Copies of the informational brochure have been distributed in Rio Grande County, CO.  A presentation about this project was presented at the January 2015 Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout conservation team meeting in Alamosa, CO.

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Arizona Trout Unlimited 2014 Native Trout Management conference

Grant Summary:  Grant funds were used to provide financial and in-kind resources to conduct a daylong conference with a full agenda of presentations on native trout recovery and conservation, and workgroup session to address the natural resource issues that could impact native trout. The conference was held April 24-25, 2014.  The conference had 104 attendees representing over 30 different conservation organizations, state, and federal agencies.  The conference keynote speaker, Chris Wood, Trout Unlimited CEO, gave an enthusiastic message of wild and native trout restoration and protection work. The conference also included two conservation awards to honor an organization and an individual “for their dedication to the conservation, protection and restoration of native and wild trout”. The Apache Trout Award was presented to White Mountain Apache Tribe Game and Fish for taking the first critical steps to conserve Apache trout in 1955 which led to the 1975 downlisting from endangered to threatened.  The Gila Trout Award was presented posthumously to Dr. Robert Behnke.  A one day field trip to Grapevine Creek to view Gila trout restoration project was included in the conference agenda. The full agenda and presentations are available here.