13310-2009-154 Redband Trout Rangewide Status Assessment

Managing Agency/Organization:
Type of Organization: State Government
Project Status: Completed
Project type: WNTI Project
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Trout species benefitted:

Develop a comprehensive status assessment for interior redband trout (i.e., outside the range of anadromony) in the states of California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. Objectives are to: develop a geo-referenced database relevant to status and conservation for non-anadromous populations using variables common to other WNTI species (e.g., abundance, trends, habitat condition, genetic integrity and threats); and produce a comprehensive status review of interior redband trout that identifies priority populations and knowledge gaps, and prioritized habitats for conservation and restoration actions.

Work completed through this agreement will benefit the people of the United States by facilitating the restoration and protection of a public trust resource, redband trout, by assessing the status of populations, identifying potential conservation actions, and providing a basis for development of a conservation plan.

  • Complete a series of Workshops to document Redband trout distribution and status
  • States of Oregon, California, Washington, Idaho, Montana and Nevada
  • US Forest Service, US Fish and Wildlife Service, BLM numerious Tribal Nations
  • 13 workshops held
  • Status review completed and published
Funding Source(s):
  • National Fish Habitat Action Plan
Project cost: $179,000.00
Start Date: 11/01/2011 Completion Date: 10/15/2012

Project contact

Stephanie Gunckel
Native Fsh Researcher
Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife
Eugene, Oregon
Phone: 541-757-5109
Submitted on: Nov 27, 2012