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Intro and Current Partners

Upper Sheepheaven Creek (photo by Glenn Greenwald, USFWS)Partnership is the key component to the Western Native Trout Initiative. Partners work together to become one voice for the future of western native trout. Partners give local, regional, or national support, either through time, money or manpower. Because the initiative is a long-term effort and includes many agencies and individuals with different fields of expertise, each partner is a vital link in protecting the  21 different western native trout and char species. 

What do partners do?

Partners are responsible for creating assessments about each species, protecting species strongholds, and conducting surveys to identify undiscovered populations of native trout. They also monitor populations, synthesize and analyze genetic data to assess population trends, and secure and enhance watershed conditions. Furthermore, partners also secure funding for projects, lobby the U.S. Congress, and provide outreach education. You can help – Become a Western Native Trout Initiative Partner!

Partner Organizations

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