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2008 Funded Projects

Projects funded by the Western Native Trout Initiative in 2008:

Black Canyon, New Mexico, barrier renovation- Gila trout  FINAL REPORT

California golden trout population monitoring– WNTI COMPLETION REPORT      FINAL REPORT

Crooked Creek, Oregon, stream habitat improvement – redband trout

Elk Creek Palisades Reservoir Yellowstone cutthroat trout passage project

Georgetown Creek hydro headgate fish ladder, Idaho – Bonneville cutthroat trout  FINAL REPORT

Habitat restoration in Polvadera Creek, New Mexico, for Rio Grande cutthroat trout

La Garita Creek, Colorado, native fish restoration project – Rio Grande cutthroat trout

Lower McDermitt Creek fish barrier to protect Lahontan cutthroat metapopulation

Maggie Creek fish migration barrier to protect a Lahontan cutthroat trout population in the Maggie Creek subbasin

North Fork of Ahtanum Creek, Washington, gauging station fish passage project – bull trout

Protection of Alamitos Creek population of Rio Grande cutthroat trout

Redband trout range-wide status review and workshop

Redband trout status and protocol evaluation in Washington state

Restore 3 miles of Cunningham Creek, Colorado, for Colorado River cutthroat trout

Teton Creek, Idaho, habitat restoration for Yellowstone cutthroat trout

Trail Creek culvert replacement to benefit redband trout in Elko County, Nevada    FINAL REPORT

Trapper Creek, Colorado, fence exclosure repair to benefit Colorado River cutthroat trout  FINAL REPORT

Westslope cutthroat trout range-wide status review FINAL REPORT