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2007 Funded Projects

Projects funded in 2007 by the Western Native Trout Initiative

  • North Fork Little Snake River barrier for Colorado River Cutthroat Trout  FINAL REPORT
  • Transtrum Diversion Fish Passage Restoration for Bonneville Cutthroat Trout in St. Charles Creek  FINAL REPORT
  • Conklin Creek and Stinky Creek renovation project for Apache trout   FINAL REPORT
  • Wolf Creek, CO, Barrier Repair  FINAL REPORT
  • Restore 8 mi of Yellowstone cutthroat habitat, Rainey Creek, Snake River, ID  FINAL PROJECT SUMMARY    PHOTO
  • Bonneville Cutthroat culvert renovation for 3 miles on South Fork Chalk Creek, UT   FINAL REPORT
  • Trout Creek Restoration for Redband Trout   FINAL REPORT
  • Bear Wallow Creek Fish Barrier to benefit Apache trout  FINAL REPORT
  • Reopen four miles of Yellowstone cutthroat habitat in Deep Creek, Salt River, ID
  • Restoring 3 mi of Odell Spring Creek, MT: Phase 3 for westslope cutthroat