2010 Addendums to the WNTI 2008 Plan for Strategic Actions

The Western Native Trout Initiative and our partners - including twelve western states, five federal agencies, and grassroots conservation groups - worked together in 2008 to develop "A Plan for Strategic Actions", establishing strategic goals, objectives and specific actions for conserving, protecting and restoring 15 western native trout char and inland salmon species and sub-species. Our approach includes increasing coordination between resource management agencies and local community groups; leveraging and focusing public and private resources on common priorities; raising awareness for the importance of western native trout; and increasing accountability by measuring the impact of our work over time. In 2010, the WNTI Steering Committee formally amended the Plan for Strategic Actions to include 6 core conservation populations of native Arctic Char, Arctic Grayling, Dolly Varden, freshwater Rainbow trout sub-species, freshwater Kokanee and Lake Trout within historical range as species of interest and targets for conservation actions.

The final approved Appendum document is available here(Click on 1 Attachment.)

To read more about the individual species of trout, char and kokanee conserved by the Western Native Trout Initiative, click on the "What are Western native Trout?" tab above.

Download and read the 2008 Plan for Strategic Action here.

Download and read the 2010 Addendum to the Plan for Strategic Actions here

Orvis Company lends their support for western native trout conservation in 2014

A special thank you to our partners, especially the Orvis Company, and others, for their commitment and dedication to helping organizations like Western Native Trout Initiative in our efforts to conserve, protect, and restore western native trout and their watersheds.

The Orvis Company recently made their third annual contribution of funds to the Western Native Trout Initiative that will be matched to funds raised by benefit showings of the "WAYPOINTS" film on Novemebr 8th.

If your business or community group cares about native trout and would like to support our work, please consider becoming a partner today by making a financial contribution or helping us spread the word about the importance of western native trout.